Components Overview

Fern provides a library of 15+ built-in-components to make your documentation more interactive and engaging. Components are building blocks that you can add to any MDX page.


Specify a component in your MDX file while writing content. For example, to add a Card component, use the following syntax:

2 title='Open Source'
3 icon='brands github'
4 href=''
6 Give us a star! Fern's CLI & docs source code is available on GitHub.

This will automatically render a card with the title, icon, and content you specified.

Open Source

Give us a star! The source code to Fern’s CLI is available on GitHub.

Bring your own components

Want to bring your own UI components, such as a custom header and footer? You can on the Enterprise plan. Contact us to learn more.

Requests for new components

Have a component in mind that you’d like to see in Fern? Let us know by filing a GitHub Issue.