CLI Reference

Global options

Global options are available to use with many Fern CLI commands. Read more below.


Use the --help option with any Fern CLI command to see an explanation and available options.

$$ fern add --help
>fern add <generator>
>Add a code generator to generators.yml
> generator [string] [required]
> --help Show help [boolean]
> --log-level [choices: "debug", "info", "warn", "error"] [default: "info"]
> --api Only run the command on the provided API [string]
> --group Add the generator to the specified group [string]


Use the --log-level option to see more information about Fern’s actions.

  • debug: Debug messages, informational messages, warnings, and errors are logged.
  • info [default]: Informational messages, warnings, and errors are logged.
  • warn: Warnings and errors are logged.
  • error: Only error messages are logged.
$fern generate --log-level debug