Idiomatic Method Names

Fern allows you to fine-tune your SDK method and group names so that your SDK reads exactly how you want it to. For example, instead of client.postUsers you can configure the SDK to read client.users.create().

1const response = await client.users.create();

Groups can also be arbitrarily nested. For example, if you want to nest the users endpoints under an admin group, the SDK would then read:

1const response = await client.admin.users.create();

See how merge.dev uses nested groups here.

If you’re using an OpenAPI spec, you’ll need to leverage the x-fern-sdk-method-name extension. If you’re using the fern definition, then the method name comes from the endpoint directly.


Additionally, Fern handles choosing the appropriate casing for each SDK language: snake_case in python, camelCase in TypeScript and PascalCase in Go, etc.