Developer Tools

Using Vale

What is Vale?

Vale is an open-source tool for linting content from a variety of different file types, including Markdown.

Using Vale with MDX

Once installed, you can use Vale with MDX files by adding a .vale.ini file to your Fern repo.

Be sure to add

mdx = md

to your .vale.ini configuration so the MDX format is recognized.

To use Vale’s HTML-style comments (<!-- comment -->) in an MDX file, wrap within an MDX-styled comment ({/* comment */}). For example:

  • disable Vale: {/* <!-- vale off --> */}
  • enable Vale: {/* <!-- vale on --> */}
Example Vale Usage
1Vale will check this text.
3{/* <!-- vale off --> */}
5Vale won't check this text.
7{/* <!-- vale on --> */}
9Vale will start checking this text again.