API references

Generate your API reference

A key benefit of using Fern Docs is that once you’ve defined your API, you get your API Reference documentation with just one line. Add - api: API Reference to your navigation in docs.yml and Fern takes care of the rest! You’ll see your endpoints, types, and errors automatically populated from your OpenAPI specification or Fern Definition.


2 - api: API Reference
api (required)Title of the API Reference Section
api-nameName of the API we are referencing, if there are multiple APIs
audiencesList of audiences to filter the API reference for
display-errorsDisplays error schemas in the API references
snippetsEnable generated SDK code snippets in your API reference
summaryRelative path to the markdown file. This summary is displayed at the top of the API section
layoutCustomize the order that your API endpoints are displayed in the docs site
iconIcon to display next to the API section in the navigation
slugCustomize the slug for the API section (By default, the slug is generated from the API title)
skip-slugSkip the slug generation for the API section
flattenedDisplay all endpoints at the top level (hides the API Reference Section’s title)